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Description of Obstacles

Here are a few descriptions. Not all of them are listed because we want you to be surprised!

All teams must finish together. Your time is based on the last team mate to cross the Finish!

  • Hula-Hula
  • Lobster Trap
  • Lagoon Leap
  • Jetty Step
  • Shark Swing
  • Hurricane Hurdles
  • Reef Run-improved
  • “The Wall”-improved

Participants will crawl on their hands and knees, through one of 2 obstacle chutes. Measuring a 10' x 20' area 20" above the sand. The identical chutes will be lined up side by side and it will be up to participants to choose which one they want to crawl through.

Participants will run across the course into the water. They will be led into waist deep water, run at the low water line for approximately 25 yards then back to the dune line to continue on.

Challengers will approach a line of large tractor tires. Choose a tire that they will flip, using proper form and technique to flip tire out and back, a distance of approximately 50" out, then roll it back to its' original placement. Keep running to the next one!

A 2' deep x 12' x 20' trench lined with a tarp. 2 - 18" tall corrugated pipes with rip current flags hold up various surfboards to block the sun and keep the "crawlers" in the dark.

NO stopping! Continuously run through this agility test. Large beach floats that are staked to the ground - 15 on each side - don't trip!

Faced with 5 "fences" 4 short and 1 tall. 4' high to 6' high. All will have "cheater" steps ( a 2x4 placed on the fence about 2' high). Help your team mates scale the walls!

Check back later for more info!!!
Obstacles and race course may be altered, renamed or removed depending on day of event requirements, manpower or weather.